Analytical and precision scales

New laboratory balances, whether analytical or precise, can be purchased from a number of laboratory equipment suppliers. One of the most well-known brands is Ohaus, which offers weighing solutions for laboratory, classroom, and industrial applications. 

It offers a range of different laboratory scales such as the Voyager Pro, Explorer Pro, Pioneer, Discovery, and Adventurer Pro. You can also buy precision balance scales for laboratories via Libertyscales.

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Choose from scales with various features

You can choose from new laboratory balances with different capacities, linearity, instructions, operating temperature, readability, display type, repeatability, and calibration. Voyager Pro scales meet OIML/NTEP standards. 

The system includes advanced software for Statistical Quality Control, Statistics, Pipette Calibration, Auxiliary Connections, Differential Weighing, Density Determination, and Formulation. 

Explorer Pro's balancing features include an RS232 port, GLP compliance, large graphic display, brightness and contrast controls, intuitive menu controls, and safety brackets.

Ohaus Pioneer scales have an easy-to-clean analytical current guard. The front level indicator compensates for the level before use. Variable zero tracking and three filter modes adapt the sensitivity of the scale to application requirements or environmental influences. 

Features of the Ohaus Discovery Series include AutoCal to facilitate automatic system calibration, SmarText software, a backlit two-line LCD display with two tare buttons, and a glass and steel construction that offers excellent corrosion protection.