The latest trend dominating the globe is the small living style. The current popularity gained by tiny homes has also spread into other areas of living spaces, like swimming pools. Traditional pools are large and require plenty of space for the construction. Small swimming pools, such as plunge outdoor pools or lap pools are attractive because they use less space but also require less maintenance.

newcastle outdoor pool

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Plunge Pool

A pool that is a plunge is usually tiny in size and deep, making it perfect for relaxing and wading. Because of their small dimensions, they can be placed in smaller spaces or even in an indoor space. Because the size that these swimming pools are restricted it is not possible to swim in them at all, but other water sports can be done easily. 

The majority of plunge pools are equipped with steps that could be ideal for relaxing and drinking drinks by the pool on the hottest summer day.

Lap Pools

Lap Pools are believed to have been created within Newcastle. They were utilized for exercises, aquatic games as well as military training, and hydrotherapy. In recent years, they have seen them growing in recognition because they offer the benefits of a tiny pool that is luxurious and well-designed. Pools with laps differ from traditional and plunge pools due to their dimensions and size.