Do you want to study in Canada? To be able to achieve this dream it is necessary to obtain an academic permit from Canada which serves as a Canadian Student Visa for a specific period and allows students to work part-time. Moreover, you can get in touch with experts to know more about student visa process through

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Request a Canadian study permit

Applications for the Canadian study permit are done online. There is an alternative for a paper-based application which can be found on the official website of the citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC) however, it can take longer.

For an online application, you'll need

Credit or debit card

The capability to create digital copies of documents (through scanner or camera)

The requirements for documents may differ, based on the place of residence where the candidate is. If you want to apply an application for a student visa in Canada you should call the visa office in your country. 

In the beginning, you will need to obtain an acceptance letter from any recognized university that offers higher education.

The next step is the application process for the Canadian Student visa. If you fill out an online application applicants will have to answer questions regarding the eligibility requirements to obtain a Canadian student visa. If you're able to pass the test to determine your eligibility you will be issued an individual checklist code (validity-60 days) to submit the online application.

If you're approved to apply, you'll need to establish an account on the MyCIC account to input this personal checklist code. You do not need the authorization to study if the length of your program or course is less than or equal to six months.