Auto detailing is a relatively new concept. Through the years, people would take some effort and clean their vehicles at home. Most often this meant that the vehicle was vacuumed, the outside was washed down with some detergent and water, then hosed off. In some cases, the vehicle may have been dried to avoid spotting. That was what most vehicle owners would consider a good washing.

In reality, auto detailing is a much different experience. There are two main types of auto detailing. The first type of auto detailing would involve the exterior of the vehicle. The second type of auto detailing would involve the interior of the vehicle. If you are looking for the best auto detailing services in Westlake Village then you can consult Diamond Auto Salon.

auto detailing services

When exterior auto detailing is being performed on a vehicle, the vehicle is cleaned, polished, and protected. Given the advancements in car care products, that can mean that exterior auto detailing doesn't require any water at all, making the entire experience a green cleaning project.

The cleaning step is done to ensure that all the dirt, insect debris, road tar, and other matter is removed from the exterior of the vehicle. Leaving any of that on can result in problems with the vehicle's paint job.

The next step in the auto detailing experience involves the buffing of the vehicle. At this stage, any imperfections to the pain are removed. It can also help remove any debris that didn't come off during the cleaning portion of the auto detailing.

The final step of the exterior auto detailing process involves protecting the vehicle from future harm. Most vehicle owners have no idea how damaging the sun's rays can be. They are also unaware of what harm can come to a paint job from simple things like bug splatter and road construction tar. All of these can result in problems with the paint job, such as it flaking and chipping off or becoming sun-damaged.