Many people debate how creative you should be with your business cards. Some say it's best to keep it simple and straightforward to show a sensible approach, but others argue that a card that shows your creativity and passion will impress clients with your unique skills. There is no right or wrong way to design a business card if it works.

The industry you work in will have a lot to do with how creative you can be with your business cards, but there are several options for creating different cards that will make a lasting impression on the people who matter. You can order the custom shaped metal business cards via Pure Metal Card..

If you work in banking or finance, you will be encouraged to present a subtle and professional-looking card. These aren't the industries for crazy designs, wild colors, and cute tag lines, but that doesn't mean you can be unique when designing your card. 

One option to make a stellar impression in button industries like stock trading and insurance is to use high-quality metallic business cards. Made from durable aluminum and brass, these cards can be plated with silver and gold plating to present a stately, professional and respectful business card. 

Maybe you need to move up the corporate ladder a bit before opting for the high-end metallic look, but gold and stainless steel cards are hard to dismiss or forget.

Real estate agents, florists, and salon owners can be much more creative with their cards than people who work in finance. You don't want to be too crazy and over the top with your design, but it never hurts to add full color to a glossy business card to enhance the look. 

Freelance real estate agents and franchisees can greatly enhance their cards with images of specific properties that are photographic quality, have bold colors, and make an impression.