Tattoo Removal

Lasers are safe and effective for tattoo removal. The treatment involves delivering concentrated laser light to the skin around the inked area. There are many factors that affect the delivery and method of wavelength: color, density, professionalism, depth, and tattoo size. Black tattoos are the easiest to get rid of because they absorb all the light that is being sent.

It is more difficult to remove tattoos of lighter colors like yellow and green. This can lead to more sessions. Treatment numbers vary, and results can range from 2 to 20 treatments. The cost of laser tattoo removal is typically between 100 and 250 dollars per session. You can get price quotes for your laser tattoo removal via

Protective eyewear is worn by both the patient and doctor to protect their eyes from the radiation of laser treatment. To prevent pain, the area may be cleaned and iced. The treatment is usually quick and painful. Patients describe it as being worse than the original tattoo application. Tylenol or an anesthetic can be used to lessen pain.

The skin will feel tender and warm after treatment. Patients may apply ice to temporarily relieve any discomfort. The laser breaks down the ink, so the tattoo will appear lighter with each treatment. Side effects include reddening, swelling, and blistering. These side effects are normal and are not dangerous. For best results, patients should schedule treatment approximately four weeks in advance.