A company directory thrives on traffic. You know that. You can't expect people to come and amuse their companies with you when they are not conscious of who you are. You understand that also.

Perhaps, it is time to revise that the very best methods of Company Directory Development. As soon as you do so you may come to unearth a sling of errors you have been unwittingly committing these days. you can choose different services like HBD approved contractor via https://www.keepital.com/company/sg/sgcontractors/about

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Kindly ensure that you're acquainting yourself with the mistakes associated with a business directory. Here is a look at some of these mistakes.

You Are Not Indexing Your Directory for The Search Engine

You are submitting your online directory only in the most prominent search engine like Google. What about the lesser-known or less popular search engines like Yahoo and Bing?

You should not really commit this mistake. Submitting your directory to all the search engines (irrespective of their scale) is imperative. Make sure you are submitting and you are doing that. Do not forget to get your business directory validated by these search engines as well.

You Are Not Writing Articles Promoting the Business

Do write articles about your business and online business directories and submit them to article directories as well. Focus on online business marketing and do include the URL to your directory.