Understanding the differences between bar types is key to finding a great bar to enjoy your favorite draft beer. There are four main types of bars that cater to different types of drinkers. Draft beer tastes best when it is in a pleasant environment. Be careful when choosing a bar! You can visit us to get the best and high-quality beer.

1) Lounges: These lounges are more for casual and social drinkers. The drink menus at lounges are more varied than those in a wine bar or pub.

Lounges in San Francisco have 47 liquor license that allows them to serve beer and wine. The unique atmosphere and cocktails that lounges offer are often what make them stand out. A visit to a cocktail lounge is a great way to unwind and enjoy a mojito with guava.

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Many lounges feature music and sometimes even a DJ. You can find some of the most luxurious cocktail lounges in restaurants, hotels, and airports. You can also get draft beer and wine.

2) Pubs: Pubs were originally bars in British regions. Pubs are shorthand for public houses and can be used to describe a sports bar or bar with a British theme. Pubs in San Francisco often serve food such as burgers or other fast-foods, and many are themed. While some pubs may offer cocktails, most patrons visit them for their fresh draft beer and a wider selection of bottled beers.

This is not your typical cocktail bar. It is likely that the crowd is a bit different because it is a more mature demographic of British origin. Pubs offer the best selection of bottled and draft beer.

3) Sports Bar: These bars often host sporting viewing events. A sports bar is a place where you can watch sporting events such as boxing, baseball, soccer, boxing, and MMA. Sometimes there is a cover fee to watch.