Industrial dust separators are designed for high dust loads in production or processing plants. The presence of dust and other particles in the air can be harmful in a number of ways, which in turn underscores the importance of dust collection systems. 

On the one hand, it causes some respiratory problems for workers in a facility. A second, more serious concern is that some types of dust are highly flammable. So a small spark can cause a powerful explosion as the dust is carried in the air. You can now control this problem by getting flame-free venting equipment. 

Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control System Innovations

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Occupational health and safety authorities have established several mandates with respect to the proper collection and disposal of dust at industrial or production sites. The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists calls industrial production processes "special operations". 

What harmful effects does dust have on an object or system?

A number of studies have shown that particulate matter, vapors and dust are hazardous to operations in industrial plants. There are hundreds of different powder compositions that can pose very serious health risks. These risks, if not addressed as prescribed, could lead to massive production shutdowns. 

For example, sawdust or cloth moss can catch fire in seconds. In such an environment, even the smallest open fire can cause serious accidents. In general, it is not wrong to say that more than the specified amount of dust in the atmosphere is harmful to humans and processes.