Accessorial Services/Fees:

Services provided by an airline in addition to the normal transport services. This fee is not included in the cost basis weight level.

Common accessorial services include:

Progress fee, pick-up, delivery, C.O.D. service, signature service, storage, demurrage, and loading/unloading. You can also get the best services of exports in Malta

Account Number:

A specific number assigned by the airline of any kind, for customer approval, is used for billing and other computerized functions.

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Actual Weight:

What the shipment actually weighs on a scale.

Advance Arrangements:

The shipper must make arrangements with the carrier prior to the intended date of shipping. See Booking.

Advancement of Charges:

A service in which low, in some cases, pay unexpected expenses that arise before or after air haul. For example, cartage and warehousing costs. This fee can be paid in advance for the convenience of either sender or recipient of the goods.

Agent (IATA):

A forwarder, agent, or broker that is recognized and approved by IATA, which is designated by the carrier and approved by each carrier to receive and arrange for delivery and collecting fees. See Cargo Sales Agent.

Air Freight:

Goods for transport in each volume and the type of services airlines provide to transport goods. The term most commonly used is the Cargo. Air Freight Forwarder: