The best alternative plastic straw is actually depend largely on personal preference, but this should be considered the most important factors in an environmentally friendly straw choice and we evaluated our recommendations when selecting:

Cleaning Maintenance: How easy it is to clean the straw? Manyecological favourable straws are dishwasher safe, still the dishwasher will not get the job done when smoothie residue is stuck inside – most straws require a special cleaning brush.

environmentally friendly straws

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Portability: How easy it is to transport the straw, without making it dirty? If you opt for a reusable straw to carry in a purse or seek on hand for to-go coffee, check if it breaks down to a smaller size, what case it comes in (or if you need to buy separately) how easy it will be to clean on the go.

Mouthfeel: It’s all about how the straw feels in the mouth? Some people complain that stainless steel has a metallic flavour. Glass may be too hard for some, especially children. In general, a straw with a silicone tip is pleasant to drink and is also the safest material for children.

Conductivity: Stainless steel is very commonly used materials for reusable straws, but it is more conductive, which means it is not really hot or cold liquids ideal. Whether it is ice cold smoothie or hot coffee , check the drinks you plan to drink with the straw before buying what kinds.