An urban area is an area with a population figure of more than fifty thousand people living inside it. If the population is less than fifty thousand, it is called a cluster. 

Urban planning organization are responsible for the development of a city, from making sure there's enough housing to designing public transportation systems.

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Most urban cities of the world are under security surveillance 24 hours a day to ensure the security of lives and property in that particular area. What are other things that can qualify a city to be classified as an urban city aside from the population? A few of them are:

1) Adequate water supply: Supply of adequate quality water is a must in any urban city. It is really unfortunate that it is not so on the Gold Coast, as most Australians depend on boreholes or streams to get their own supply of water, and these types, more often than not, come untreated.

2) Constant power supply: This enhances the beauty of the city because when it is night, everywhere will be illuminated, thereby enhancing visibility.

3) Good transport system: There must be an effective transport system in an urban city and the motorists and the other road users must obey the traffic rules. When this is done, traffic gridlocks and avoidable accidents can be averted.

The place where you live enhances your profile to the general public and that is the reason the estate investors or people cannot be waved aside as far as human life is concerned.