A concept map is a visual device used for strategic analysis and planning. While the words 'concept' and 'map' are commonly used, using them together refers to something specific, and perhaps less familiar. A 'concept' is an idea or plan, and a 'map' is a simplified overview of a complex territory.

It is a diagrammatic overview of key ideas associated with a particular topic, that indicates how the ideas relate to each other. Some people use concept map online tools as " the graphical tools for organizing and representing knowledge". Basically, a concept map is a way of analyzing a topic, studying it, and/or planning a new presentation of it.

Here are a few guidelines that can help you to make a concept map:

Start with a topic

At the core of your concept map should be a singular issue you want the concept map to resolve. Drag a shape that will guide the hierarchical structure.

Identify key concepts

Make a list of all the key ideas that relate to your core concept and order them with the most general concepts first and the more specific concepts last.

Connect topics and subtopics

Connect the key concepts you’ve identified and continue to branch out. Show relationships using lines as you go, adding text to lines to help define each relationship.

Customize and format

Add colors and images to personalize your diagram and clearly show related concepts and ideas. Continually revise your concept map as you learn new information.

Present and share your work

Publish your concept map using easy sharing options. Share it directly, print it, or download it as a PNG, JPEG, or PDF.