The advancement in technology today leads many people to enjoy the convenience and ease it brings. And 3d printing is one the technologies that can make one’s dream into a reality.

3D printing is a process whereby a real object can be created from a 3D design. It is done by laying down successive layers of material in different shapes. 

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What is 3D printing? How does a 3D printer work? Learn 3D printing

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One advantage of 3D printing is that it can save cost and time and minimize the aid of manpower by eliminating the design, printing, and assembly process in producing a single absolute model of a certain product.

These few examples of what 3D printing could do are definitely bound to catch your attention

Create pharmaceutical drugs- With patients being able to print out their prescriptions, a revolutionary shift in the pharmaceutical industry is destined to happen. Yes, tailored to the distinct needs of an individual, 3D printing technology could let you print your pharmaceuticals at home.

Print your own clothing- Printers are getting closer to generating great fabric-like materials, using interlocked structures to create knits and stitches. This could possibly have an impact on the fashion industry in times to come.

Medical science: In the medical world, 3d printers are used to make low-cost prosthetics. Since prosthetics are expensive, the 3D printed prosthetics are not only effective and found useful, it also cuts the cost of the original prosthetics and can be used to help amputees.

3D printing appears to have a truly great future. So, it is a smart choice to invest in it.

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Last Modified: March 1, 2021