The CNC router, commonly referred to by the name of CNC Milling machine, is an electronic Numerical Controlled machine that permits users to cut different materials with a 3D-cutting software called CAD/CAM. The CAD/CAM software converts your design into a path for the tool so that the machine can make 3D forms.

It is able to cut different kinds of materials, including foam, wood, and even metals. When discussing the Axis of the router, it is the direction of the machine that it turns. When discussing the axis, we are referring to an imaginary line fixed to measurements of coordinates which the router cuts.

It is able to rotate X, Z, and Y. This implies that it is able to be moved from left to right horizontally (X-axis) and from front towards back vertically (Y-axis) as well as vertically upwards as well as down (Z-axis) and as around the machine itself.You can also find the use of 4 axis CNC router at

4 axis cnc router

The working tool also comes with an X-Y-Z-axis motion. By adding rotation movements in different directions, you'll have a 4 or 5-axis machine, or additional.

Simply put, a three-axis router is one that moves the cutting instrument along 3 different axes, which makes it ideal for components and prototypes that aren't too deep. A 4-axis router also includes an axis of rotation known as "A Axis" as well as a 5-axis CNC router requires the movement of the cutting tool on five different axes at the same time (2 additional axes).

It is important to choose the axis of the CNC router according to your needs.