Negotiations involve emotions, and the problem comes when these emotions are negative. If the people who are negotiating have positive moods, if they are optimistic and excited, things are going to be great. People who have a good mood tend to be really conciliatory and cooperative. You can also visit to get the best business negotiation consulting online.

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If the negotiators are in a good mood, it is more likely that the solution of the problem will be a win-win one, meaning that both parties feel like they have won what they wanted.

But when the negotiators have a negative state of mind, if they are angry and pessimistic, the situation changes, as everything tends to be much more competitive and neither of them is willing to make concessions. In the end, this means that none of them is a winner and that they just could not find a solution to their problem.

When it comes to a negotiation, we can say that emotions establish the rules, because negotiators respond to their opponent's emotions: this is why you should start the negotiation with a smile. The beginning of the negotiation is the most important and this is why a smile can set the tone for everything that follows.

You will notice that, if you start with a look of irritation on your face, things are going to be difficult! This is why you should have a positive tone, you have to understand that the people with whom you are negotiating with are not your enemies.

If you are angry and you just cannot control your anger, you should try to express your anger constructively. Otherwise, you may see that your opponent is also irritated and that the negotiation does not have a happy end.