When you have dark spots anywhere on your body, but especially your face, you may find yourself embarrassed to go out without cover. That said, you can instead reduce the look of those blemishes caused by hyperpigmentation. Kojic acid soap is the best product to lighten your skin. Before using it, you can also look kojic acid before and after via https://kojicacidsoapguide.com/category/kojic-acid-soap/before-after.

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The best thing to do first is to visit your doctor. While you may think you just have a dark spot, it could easily be a hemangioma, skin cancer or some other condition. 

Not only will you ensure that you don't have a serious disease, but he will be able to refer you to a dermatologist who can offer you advise and even prescription lighteners, if necessary. At the very least, let him know about the condition and that you plan to treat it, even if you don't go on to see a specialist.

Exfoliation is a key first step to caring for all of your skin. No matter what treatment method you choose, exfoliation will ensure that you are able to get down to the root of the blemish.

Exfoliation takes off the dead outer layers of skin so that fresh, new skin can rise to the top. A great natural exfoliant you can use is a mixture of honey and sugar. Scrub it on, leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it off gently with warm water.

In the morning, use a gentle soap and warm water to remove it and clean the whole area. This should be very helpful with blemishes that aren't too dark but can also help lighten the appearance of very dark spots.