If you are new to the web, you will quickly find that buying a domain name is essential to your online presence. There are many different companies and places to get a domain name. The top three places to get a domain name are from domain distributors, directly from the best domain registrars, or from simple website builders. 

What will help you choose is one. How can you display files with this domain name on your website by purchasing a domain name? These are the basic questions you need to answer before buying your domain name.

What Is a Domain Name?

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When you buy a domain name from a domain registrar, you are responsible for setting up DNS to run your website. This often means searching the settings page to find what you need and sometimes checking the help docs for how to do it. This can be very tricky because you will also need the IP address, name servers, or other records from your hosting company before you even get started.

When buying your domain name from a domain distributor, you are often in the same boat as if you bought it directly from a domain registrar. Often you will be charged more and you will not get anything extra. Some domain distributors charge a premium but will also help you configure a domain name for your website, configure an email address, etc. correctly.

Buying your domain name through a simple website builder is the fastest and less painful situation. When creating a free website, all you need to do is add a domain name to your website. It's as fast and easy as that. Once the registration process is completed you have a domain name, your website is configured for that domain name, and your email address is set to the domain name you just selected.