The way in which you tackle recruitment has a big impact on your success at recruiting the best people. Sadly, many organizations have more rigor around petty cash expenditure than one of their biggest investment decisions. So how can you stand out from the crowd?

1. Take time to get clear on the type of person you need for the job. In doing this really think about the personal attributes of the ideal candidate. It is pretty easy to address skills gaps but really challenging to change personal attributes.

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2. Find the most appropriate source for accessing the type of applicants you want. For professional staff, it is often worth going directly to a sector or industry-specific recruitment consultant rather than to advertise. Similarly, online sites might be great places for some jobs and not for others.

3. If you are using a third party, such as a recruitment consultant to attract candidates, take the time to meet with them and brief them on the business, the role, and the ideal candidate

4. Consider whether you want to offer candidates the opportunity of an informal discussion about the position before applying. This takes very little time and can save a lot of time for you and the candidate