Wooden pallets are an important part of shipping practices in the Australia. Their longevity and flexibility make them especially useful for a number of different businesses, but they offer more for businesses of all sizes. You can look for premium pallets manufacturer & supplies Sydney-wide.

Let's take a look at the main benefits of wooden pallets and how they can benefit your business.

1. Durability and strength

We mentioned earlier that the durability of wooden pallets is a worthwhile investment, but it is repeatable. Wooden pallets are designed to withstand specific loads, and Premier Pallets uses pallet construction software to ensure pallets maintain the rigidity of a single load. The impressive durability of wood and low prices make wood pallets an excellent choice.

2. Easy to repair

Although wooden pallets are less likely to break than plastic pallets, accidents do happen. Fortunately, wooden pallets are very easy to repair. In comparison, plastic and aluminum pallets are usually not repairable, resulting in high replacement costs.

3. There are no pests

For exporters moving pallets, Premier Pallets offers heat treated pallets. By using heat treated pallets, you can rest assured that the pallets in your shipment are properly labeled with an ISPM-15 seal, meaning they meet all international phytosanitary shipping requirements.

With online retailers seeing a 7.7% increase in sales in 2018 alone, businesses need reliable materials to deliver their goods.