Do you love to look tan with a golden bronze glow, but dread the harsh chemical smell of tanning creams or lotions? All your worries end right here! This article will educate you about best face self tanner products without the pungent odor.

With the advent of an innovative pure scent odor-eliminating technology, your tanning lotions will not have an unpleasant smell anymore. Today, there are two types of tanning water products that claim to be stench free.

One type comes with artificial fragrances masking the processing odor, and the other type is completely free of unpleasant odors. When you apply a tanner on your face, the active ingredient, i.e. DHA, of the tanner starts reacting with the proteins found on the outermost layer of the epidermis.

This chemical reaction produces the unpleasant smell you experience during the application process. That's why women should opt for products that are free of synthetic fragrances.

Getting that radiance look back on your face doesn't imply that you will have to smell like a chemical experiment when attending parties or social gatherings. There are products that give you an eye-catching radiance, but have an unbearable pungency that's difficult to ignore.

You might be wondering what causes such funny and unwanted odor. Well, most of the tanning potions have DHA responsible for creating the bronzing effect on your skin. Owing to the natural heat of your body, the odor can get from worse to worst after a couple of hours of applying the cream. The best self tanner no smell products have special ingredients to eliminate the unwanted odor.

If you apply radiance plus no scent products, you will not only relish the sun kissed tan on your face, but the gel or lotion will absorb fast leaving a subtle fragrance that's not at all intolerable. The smell will actually make you reminiscent of an old style moisturizer. There are also potions that eliminate the foul scent up to 70 percent.