As you read and examine your classmate's online post, it will often provoke a question that needs to be researched.

In conducting research you will utilize your digital books, online authoritative websites or your college library. You can join best online chemistry classes via

It is most beneficial to use your online college library because it provides authoritative data, citation and long term accessible data. Sometimes data you find on an non-authoritative website may be removed, changed or incorrect.

Using citations in your post and examining the citations provided by your classmates is a great way to learn. Once you read some of the post and check out the citation you can then access what your classmates have read.

This will give you the opportunity to locate information from their researched materials and ask them questions. This shows the professor and your classmate that you took time to access and read from the cited material. When you utilize your digital books or college library the process of searching will give you access to tons of information.

This information may provide information that is similar or different from your classmate's post. This will allow you to share another point of view based on a different source, while using a new works cited link to your response post. This is also a great way of shared learning, because it often provokes the initial poster to access your works cited link and respond.