A personal duress alarm is a type of home security system that alerts the homeowners when someone is trying to enter the home without permission.

The alarm is typically set off when the intruder tries to open a door or window that is not the homeowners’ regular entry point.

Personal duress alarms can also be triggered by movement within the home, such as someone trying to unlock a door from the inside.

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Personal duress alarms are a type of security system that warns you when you are under attack or in danger. When activated, the alarm will sound and send a notification to your phone.

A personal duress alarm is a type of home security system that detects when someone is under pressure or being threatened in order to protect them and their property. The alarm will sound if the pressure or threat increases, alerting the occupants to take action.

A personal duress alarm is a small, battery-powered device that will sound an alarm if it detects an emergency situation. The alarm can be set to sound either continuously or intermittently, and can be activated by pressing a button or pulling on the cord. Personal duress alarms are typically used in situations where someone is being held against their will, and they are recommended for people who are regularly in high-risk situations (such as law enforcement officers, security personnel, and those who work in dangerous environments).