Green turf is also commonly used in sporting grounds for various games like hockey. Maintaining the greens in sports utilities requires a lot of time and effort. As of result of all these factors, most people turn to artificial turf in homes and sports grounds, as it is relatively maintenance free.

Artificial turf caught up the fancy of both business and residential property owners for the first time during the late 1960s. Many public parks and sports clubs have started using artificial grass because it looks and feels like natural grass. Unlike natural grass, which must be mowed constantly, it is maintenance free and has a long life.

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Artificial green grass is durable and easy to use. While it can be expensive, it guarantees good value for money as it is durable, maintenance free and can even withstand wild animals. Unlike natural grass, it is suitable for areas with heavy traffic and footprints. Birds, squirrels, or rodents will also not attack artificial turf pitches.

Synthetic turf is easy to care for and environmentally friendly, as mowing, irrigation or mating activities are constantly eliminated, which can save a lot of money and effort. Artificial turf material is available in various versions, including polyamide, polyethylene or polypropylene. Choose a reliable synthetic turf supplier for the best deals and products.