So, which of these two tailgates is better? It depends on the user. Many claims that the multi-function tailgate is easier to use than the MultiPro tailgate.

Multifunction offers four configurations, while MultiPro offers six configurations. You can also look for the best multi pro tailgate via

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However, more is not always better. Some users find MultiPro somewhat confusing and difficult to use, while the multifunction tailgate is very straightforward: you can open it traditionally or like a door. 

You don't have to unlock the panels and move them in a multi-step process. The hinge on the MultiPro's rear door is also too narrow.

Another comment made by truck enthusiasts is the weight limit. The multifunctional tailgate can hold up to 2000 pounds. On the opposite side, the GMC MultiPro tailgate is only able to support the weight of 375 pounds. 

That's a big difference. Maximum payload capacity can disrupt the trucking business. Buying a truck is a really big buy and most people prefer not to have restrictions like the tailgate limit which is only £ 375. 

With the multifunction tailgate, you can be sure it won't break if you load a heavy load from behind. You can also easily load your forklift truck without worrying about breaking or clicking on the tailgate.

If you try this with the MultiPro's tailgate, it will almost certainly break it.