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1. Diagnosing skin diseases can be difficult at times.

2. The primary role of dermatologists is to diagnose and treat skin diseases, such as acne, psoriasis, etc. true

3. Dermatologists have a vast array of skills that they use in their daily practice, some of which include: plastic surgery, surgical training, aesthetic assessment and research in addition to dermatology training. true

4. Skin disease can greatly impact one's social life; it can affect one's performance at work or school, and also impact the areas surrounding them (including the house). There are many different types of dermatologic conditions that can affect different skin types.

5. The medical community recognizes that dermatologists are having a bigger impact on the world around them by being involved in cosmetic procedures and research other topics. They are highly valued in the field of medicine and have become more well known to the general public.

6. Dermatology is a specialty that includes different aspects of health care such as: surgery, medical practice, cosmetic surgery, prevention and diagnosis of skin diseases, aesthetic assessments on the skin, research trials and education for patients or healthcare providers.