Your home's gutter system is one part of your home that shouldn't interfere with function, but aesthetics that can add to the exterior of your home. You may think that the problems that can arise from your sewer system are isolated, but in reality, they are not. 

A decrease in the functioning of your sewer system can cause damage to your home, e.g. on walls and foundations. You can easily install the most reliable and the best gutter guards via to protect your gutter systems from damage.

The right system in the house becomes a problematic problem because there is often a conflict between aesthetics and function. Homeowners usually prefer their gutter designs to match the exterior design of the home, thereby reducing functionality. 

And choosing attractive design over functionality can eventually lead to bigger problems. One of the most common problems is the presence of a gutter with a high front. 

This means that the front of the gutter is higher than the back attached to the house. It is mainly used for aesthetic purposes. 

If there is an overflow due to delays in the flow of water, then the excess water will spill from below, in this case from behind, and go directly to the walls and foundation of the house. This will make the walls and foundation weaker.

Faulty plumbing is also a common problem with sewer systems. If rainwater from rainwater flows faster than water in pipes, it causes overflow. There are three ways to solve this problem: increase the number of pipes, increase the size of the pipes, or reduce the number of elbows.