People have been dyeing and printing designs on garments for thousands of years. The process remains incredibly popular with small businesses in America. Whether we’re talking about custom sweatshirts or T-shirts for college or high school students or a sports jersey of a famous athlete, they all rely on custom printing.

There are more than a half dozen accepted methods of transferring designs onto a piece of clothing. Most of them are easy to learn and quite affordable, which is why tens of thousands of small business owners open custom T-shirt shops each year. Where to begin?

If you are interested in opening your own shop and printing paws sweatshirt , custom sweatshirts and T-shirts, you will need the right printing equipment. But before you buy anything you must select a printing method. Let us take a moment to review a few of the most popular methods.

Screen Printing

Screen printing has been around for over two thousand years. It consists of using a large screen with a design and applying the paint directly to it and then stamping the design on custom sweatshirts. Screen printing is fast and affordable and it can be used to create large quantities of custom garments. The only real disadvantage is that it works better with single colors. If you have a design that requires several colors, screen printing is not for you.