Cyberstalking is the crime of harassing someone with electronic messages. It can take the form of e-mails instant messages message boards, forums, or social networks. Criminals rely on the internet as a way of keeping their identity hidden so that they don't have to be a target for crimes they commit. 

It's not the same thing as spam messages, since messages sent to the stalker can be considered to be dangerous and the spammer simply sends irritating messages. In worst-case scenarios, it is merely a way to avoid stalking in the real world. You can also appoint a cyber intelligence security service online to protect your data. 

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It can be the reverse in which a cyber-stalker is transformed from a stalker on the internet to being a stalker in person, using the information they've collected about the victim on the internet.

How can you ensure that you are safe and secure from cyber-spying?

Another option is to play their own games against them. By keeping your identity private when you use the internet, you will be protected from any potential threats.

Use email handlers that are anonymous. This is a reference to sites such as Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail which allow anyone to get an account with an email with very little information. Make sure you only use your ISP-supplied account to interact with people you trust and know.

Do not include information on online profiles. This means that you should not add pictures or other information. Use screen names only for ones that aren't gender-specific to protect the truth about your gender.

If you'd want to determine the level of security of your online privacy is, you could choose to take a risk assessment. This test will determine the degree of security and anonymity you are keeping yourself.