Hoping to knock the author of a certified resume for your project? Good idea: The certification signal owned by the author must demonstrate the knowledge of the industry, talent, and writing skills. So, you want it, of course. But where did you find a certified writer? You can find resume Help and Related Resources by Best 10 Resume Writers.

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Start with the Industrial Association

There are two industrial associations that offer their members (i.e., continue the author) path for professional certification. The coveted certificate provides a public notification that the author who holds it has shown his writing knowledge, talent, and expertise, and confirms that the author's dedication to advance his client's career goal.

1 – Professional Association Resume Writers and Career Coaches (Parw / CC) is an industrial association established in 1990. Certified members hold the appointment of CPRW after their name, which stands for a certified professional resume author. Parw / cc is the first professional resume organization to develop testing procedures to recognize professional resumes that show their level of expertise. CPRW credentials have become industrial standards for professional resume writers.

2 – National Resume Writers Association (NRWA) is a 400-member non-profit trade organization founded in 1996. Certified members hold the appointment of NCRW after their name, which stands for nationally certified resume authors. Association members have access to the Premier Resume Writing Tool, Training and Resources delivered through various methods – Teleseminar for online tutorials with the Annual Conference. NCRW requires members who have achieved certification to complete the sustainable education unit every year to maintain the spearhead of the industry.