Managing a small start-up has had several ups and downs. When I started my business nearly nine years ago, it was rewarding and challenging to run my own small business.

Here are some considerations to consider before jumping into starting your own small business via

One-Stop-Shop: One of the advantages of being a small business owner is the "photo viewing" autonomy. You are the boss and of course you can run the company however you want. 

Developing a Business Plan: Why Is Business Planning So Important? In short, it offers "clarity". Investing time in developing a plan will make the company's vision clear. In addition, it provides a mechanism for measuring business results 

Understand the Tax Burden: Despite the political rhetoric surrounding tax laws and their impact on small businesses, this business collects a lot of taxes. I'm surprised how many startups don't understand the taxes small businesses pay. 

Replication: Since you're at the counter, small business owners should replicate whenever possible. Tools such as social media and the adoption of teleworking through online collaboration have allowed small business owners to be in many places at the same time. 

Overcome Third Party Challenges: Small business owners wear many hats and rely on third-party companies for major alliances. When Go Daddy shut down its website and email servers in September, an estimated 5.3 million small business websites and emails crashed.