If you are reading this, then you are well aware of our surroundings. You know, how a plastic straw destroys our ecosystem. People are taking small steps to produce environmentally friendly straws.

Environmentally friendly straws are having many benefits like they are biodegradable and compostable. There are various types of eco friendly straws. To know more information about eco friendly straws in the Netherlands you can visit https://bluemarche.com 

paper straws

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This article will tell you about the effectiveness of sustainable paper straw.

Paper Straws were Biodegradable

Paper straws are biodegradable. Unlike plastic straw, the straw if you throw in the recycling bin, they will begin to break down within a week. So why should you choose plastic straws? Select a sustainable alternative and protect your community.

Paper Straws are composted

paper straw decomposes very quickly. Unlike plastic straws, they just destroyed in a few months and broke into pieces smaller. Is not that great? Okay, we have to tell you, plastic straws take 150-200 years to decompose, and people microplastics affect aquatic ecosystems.

Reduce Use of Plastic Straws

Do you know the survey after the annual beach cleanup events? More than 0.6 million plastic straws were picked up during this survey. It is enough to destroy our environment. Every day we use billions of plastic. To obtain long-term sustainability, we have to switch to an environmentally friendly choice.

Other useful features of appearing straw

It is easy to use and durable.

It is suitable for cold drinks.

It is portable.

You can choose custom design and colorful shapes for different occasions.