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Automate Sales Processes Using a Product Configurator

Companies selling configurable products are faced with the constant challenge of providing all product information to their customers, clearly showing all the options and configurations contained in the product, and allowing the customer to choose the desired configuration.

The traditional approach is for companies to have all the information about a specific model configurable, such as: In a print catalog or static web page, and provide instructions to customers on how to create their own unique configuration. This configuration data is entered into the order form and sent to the company to manufacture the product. Problems in this process are inaccurate information presented to customers, misinterpretation of configuration rules, and errors in order forms.

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A system that automates the entire sales process for configurable products increases productivity significantly and lowers costs for the company.

What is a product configurator?

The product configuration system provides the user with all necessary product information in a clear and understandable format and helps the user create complete configurations for various types of items.

Take, for example, an HVAC manufacturer who sells to contractors for installation in a large place such as a warehouse. A typical air conditioning system contains several functions to choose from depending on the application, cooling zone, altitude, consumption requirements, and much more. The user should be presented with a variety of basic models which he can choose from and further adapt them to his needs. This is usually a multi-step process for selecting these features. The configuration system allows the user to perform multiple configurations and construction steps