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Custom Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer – Your Step Towards Good Hygiene

Hand sanitizer is a chemical used as a disinfectant when contacted with the skin. Its use is equivalent to that of using soap. These can be of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic base. But, using custom alcohol-free hand sanitizer is quite an in demand. You can browse to to buy the best alcohol-free hand sanitizers online.


Alcohol-free hand sanitizers kill the germs with a patented formulation of thyme. Many online stores provide you with custom alcohol-free hand sanitizers. These have an organic base, made from natural or plant-like ingredients. These come in different flavours and colours.

Customers can order for their own favourite flavour, choice of fragrance and ingredients is free and even can order them in their own choice of packing. Whether square, round or anything. One can also opt for sanitizer gel or spray. One can also opt for wet wipes as their custom hand sanitizers.

These custom alcohol-free hand sanitizers are beneficial in quite a lot many ways.

  • Safe to be used by children
  • Can be used in hospitals and schools
  • Choice of ingredients
  • Choice of packing and bottles
  • No health hazards
  • 100% natural
  • Children can get them customized in cartoon shapes

With so many awe-inspiring features, today, these sanitizers can help individuals to get the best hygiene. In order to buy these, there are many stores that can offer a wide range of these sanitizers. You can get the one according to your desire and interest.