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Top 4 Tips to Keep Your Tyres Well Maintained

Many people don't realize that you can prevent thousands of accidents every year by maintaining your tires.

You may be more at risk with dangerous weather changes as the season's change.

1. Are the correct tyres on your vehicle? Although it may seem obvious, you should make sure to review your handbook before installing the right tires. Your car dealer should have the information you need to help you choose the right tires for you. Fit a new tire according to the same specifications that the original.

2. Caps – Tyre pressures can sometimes be lost due to loose-fitting caps that are not properly attached to the valve. You can ensure that your pressure does not drop by tightening the tap. Replace any damaged or worn-out caps.

2. As required by law, keep your tires properly inflated. Tires that are too high can cause excessive wear and increase fuel consumption. Tire inflation can be affected by drivers checking their tires for any cuts, bumps, or scratches in the tire wall. Your manual will tell you the recommended inflation rate.

Your vehicle will be easier to drive, more comfortable, and last longer if you properly inflate your tires. Over-inflating tires can cause the vehicle to be less capable of navigating the roads and will result in water damage.

4. Alignment – Improper wheel alignment can lead to uneven tires that can cause problems with handling and safety. Wheel alignment–determined by your vehicle's manufacturers–provides a comfortable and smooth ride. This can be caused by poor steering or suspension components, such as hitting a curb or a pothole. This is an important part of maintaining your tires in top condition. A specialist should inspect it regularly.