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Cosmetic Regulations For Personal Care Products

Cosmetics have a rich history. In all countries, the cosmetic Industry is controlled by agencies and government bodies. There are some maquillage regulations in Canada that provide the best cosmetic services.

It is not correct to call cosmetic regulation a misnomer. FDA (Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act), was established in 1938 and is the government agency responsible for controlling the Cosmetic Industry and the Food and Drug Industries. 

Although it does a good job with drugs and food, the FDA has almost abandoned cosmetics and allows it to govern itself. It is now a question of whether the FDA really regulates or governs the Cosmetic Industry.

While the FDA regulations are similar to those of other countries, there are some unique ones. Although the FDA has the function of regulating the Cosmetic Industry, it places more emphasis on food and drug regulation. The certification is required for drugs manufactured in Canada before they are released onto the market. 

These are direct quotes taken from the FDA website. The FDA gives the Cosmetic Industry the ability to regulate itself. If cosmetic companies don't have to register with FDA and aren't required to obtain FDA approval for new products to be on the market, and these ingredients can be approved by the Substance Control Act of 1976 within three weeks without any pre-testing, it is clear that the cosmetic Industry is out of control.