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How to Install skylights in the roof?

We have found many ways to introduce light into homes and our homes. These range from a complete conservatory made of glass in a narrow framework, through custom-built, part of the atrium roof, into a smaller fixed or opening windows fitted to the existing roof. You can get to know about Velux skylights via

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No matter how much light you want in the room, it is important to know how to go about it. Some skylights require relatively inexpensive and small-scale installation work; Another involves large-scale, customized fabrication and design work. Although it may not be necessary for planning permission, work must comply with building regulations, so consult your local building regulators.

Opening roof window ventilation and sunlight solve the problems associated with an average building. Especially in the case of a loft conversion in which the standard window is not an option, a skylight roof cavity opening turns into a useful and pleasant space.

Always consider the ceiling geometry when you think about the skylight. narrow shape roofline running to create the effect of the internal light slot. When all surfaces are plastered and painted, the sky looks more attractive.

Cut the tile battens and marks the frame that will hold the size of the sky. Cut the rafters and put them in a trimmer in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Look out for any wires or cables. Plaster cut with a saw and took the skylight of the box and remove flashings and trims.