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Organic Skin Care – Do You Know What It Is?

Organic skin care products can be a great way to take care of your skin and that of your family, especially your children. However, organic skin care products are not regulated by the industry. Manufacturers can claim that their products have natural or organic ingredients without certification.

To make it seem natural, many companies will use marketing techniques such as listing "from coconut" or "from olives" in their ingredients. It is important that you only purchase USDA-certified products. To be certain that your skin products provide chemical-free skin care, you must check that the USDA logo is on them.

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Avalon Organics, Jason and Burt's Bees, some of the most trusted companies, are now allowing ingredients like fragrance, nanoparticles, and parabens to sneak into their products. In an attempt to compete in the organic market, companies and products that once were original and authentic have lost their integrity in order to make a profit.

The Environmental Working Groups' "Skin Deep" cosmetics database is highly recommended. The EWG keeps the cosmetics industry at a higher level of quality and updates it regularly. These statistics and resources will help you build your knowledge base. You can enter any product into their database and get detailed information about animal testing, certification, and ingredient lists.

You can also find toxic and dangerous chemicals as well as potential health risks that may be associated with the use of products that contain such chemicals. Beauty cosmetics are a different matter entirely. The regulations in the cosmetics industry can be so vague that it can be difficult to believe any company's claims to be legitimate.