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The Key Reasons Why CPR AED Course Is Essential To Understand

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, commonly called CPR, is a procedure that maintains a constant flow of oxygen into your bloodstream, which in turn travels to your brain. Many people need CPR training, especially if they work in medicine or in a career that requires support from children and the community. 

This medication is primarily a combination of chest compressions and supplying oxygen to a person's lungs through oral resuscitation or an instrument that can force oxygen into the person's mouth.

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CPR is a truly priceless procedure and will likely mean the difference between life, irreversible brain damage, and death. The sooner CPR can be used, the better. If the brain has been deprived of oxygen for more than 5 minutes, the chances of brain damage are significantly higher, so timing is critical. 

As more men and women learn CPR, more first responders will be near you to save lives when surgery is needed. There are times when CPR may be needed. For example, when a person is having a heart attack or is lying on the floor and loses consciousness and is not breathing, the use of CPR is necessary. 

When a person is in a medical crisis and a defibrillator is not available to use for treatment, CPR is needed to save the person's life and to pump oxygenated blood to the brain until medical help arrives. In addition to CPR training, many people will combine their accreditation training and strengthen it with first aid training. People who are unconscious and not breathing will not be the only ones who need medical attention.