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All About Using Environment Friendly Paper Straws

Paper straws offer several advantages, but most importantly they are easy to throw away and are durable. It is also safe for human consumption and does not harm one's well-being.

Currently, many countries are banning the use of plastic straws and are more focused on sustainable and environmentally friendly straws. That's why paper straws are the best choice.For more information about the  paper straws, you can see here now.

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Benefits of using a paper straw

Biodegradable and compostable: Paper straws are typically made from recycled paper, a natural fiber which is considered to be biodegradable and can be composted in an ideal compostable environment. Most plastic straws are not recyclable, so they simply dump into the ocean or the sidewalk.

Safety: Recycled paper is made from a soft material which, unlike vinyl, which is thinner and harder, cannot injure or damage. Can be served with cold and hot drinks because it does not contain harmful dyes or other ingredients.

Cheaper than steel: In this case, a reusable straw or a stainless steel straw is a great alternative to a plastic straw, but it costs more than a paper straw.

Various sizes, styles and shapes: Paper straws are available in various thicknesses and lengths to accommodate a variety of beverage needs.

To achieve the goal of your drink we offer paper straws with different patterns, e.g. striped paper straws, paper straws, plain white paper straws and more.

FDA Approved Material: High quality inks and glues used in laboratory approved paper straws and made from FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved materials.