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Saving Time with Same-Day Crowns

If the tooth is damaged or decayed, it may need to be crowned or "closed." The caps restore the teeth's original appearance and function. Tooth caps are very durable and are made with a special fitting that covers the entire tooth from the gum line.

In the past, this process required at least two (sometimes three) trips to the dentist, an improper cast of a tooth, a temporary crown, and waiting one to three weeks for the laboratory to make a permanent crown. You can also get the advantages of same-day crowns for your teeth in Tacoma by clicking here now.

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New innovations in digital technology are now enabling the manufacture of dental crowns on the same day. The whole process is completed in a time-saving manner with the help of a camera, computer and cutter integrated into one tool.

Advances in restorative dentistry eliminated the need for straightening molds, temporary crowns, or the use of outside laboratories to make crowns.

The appearance of the lid can be enhanced by quick-drying stains and glazes. Stains and glaze are painted on the crown with the help of a small brush. After completing the additional staining, the finished crown is placed in your mouth and connected to the old tooth.

The entire process can be completed while you are waiting, usually within an hour.

The same day tooth cap, like a traditional hat, is very durable and looks natural. They will be cared for like your own teeth – by brushing and cleaning your teeth every day to reduce plaque buildup. If you grind your teeth at night, be sure to wear a nightguard.

The same day crown will not only save you time in the dental chair, but you can also bring back your lovely smile quickly and easily.