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Slug Canada Nematodes, Safe Natural Pest Control

Slug nematodes are microscopically tiny worms which are designed for effortlessly parasitizing and murdering slugs. The Canada nematodes are employed as a drench into the ground surface. An infected slug ceases feeding over less than six days and after that displays an ordinary swelling of this ring.

Even the Canada nematodes multiply within the slug so when it begins to decompose, a fresh creation of nematodes spreads and begins looking for your following prey. As a way to protect young seedlings or discriminate against slugs, it's ideal to apply the Canada nematodes inch week ahead of planting. You can also get more information on industry leaders in nematodes application in Canada via online resources. 

CANADA Nematodes

The Canada nematodes offer security against slugs for around 6 months. Slugs desire a humid environment to be able to survive, replicate and proceed. 90 percent of these slug populations can nearly always be located from the land. Just 10 percent of those people arrive during the night to prey on plant material.

Many slugs are hermaphroditic, therefore both female and male. They put their eggs in sets of 15 to 50 from the dirt or under plant waste. Under adverse conditions they are able to survive for a lengthy period until circumstances grow, so as to hatch just afterward.

Normally there are two generations of slugs each year. Nevertheless, in a rainy summer there may become many more generations. Based upon the species, mature slugs have been 30 to 150 mm long. Slugs will devour the same of half of their own body weight within one day.