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Steps To Prevent Child From Thumb Sucking Habit

Does your child suck his finger or thumb? It is a habit which may be easier to prevent, but vigorous sucking can cause changes in the ceiling that affects a permanent bite and usually more difficult to terminate without intervention. So there are some steps on how to neglect finger sucking habits, consider them.

Steps to Prevent

This habit will usually stop without worry or effort. Often, the best strategy is simply to ignore the behaviour. Children will find out for yourself when this action is not acceptable from social conditions and rival pressure. If the habit continues beyond kindergarten, however, it may be the moment to interrupt.

Offer a pacifier to the baby; dot easier to take.

Forming a chart and reward system to track the progress of your child to stop.

Encourage and praise your child when they try to quit.

Visit your child's dentist to learn about the positive effects of stopping the habit.

Some children may have difficulty stopping sucking their thumbs. In this case, it may be necessary to buy a product that can be placed on the thumb or finger to prevent the habit. Often, just put a bandage on the finger or socks or gloves on the side which preferably is sufficient.

Whichever method you choose to employ to prevent the behaviour, remember to always use positive reinforcement to encourage your child. Criticism or scolding can cause more anxiety and perpetuate the problem.