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Types Of Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is in the unique position to take advantage of all of the healthcare technology solutions being released at record pace. The portals, tracking programs, and social networking interaction are all very exciting and give users lifestyle-changing experiences never before possible. You can also buy best integrative medicine via

How is the average physician able to carry the conversation around optimal nutrition tracking and other lifestyle change? In addition to lack of education is the hamster wheel of seeing 30 patients a day, reviewing their patients' labs and tests, renewing medications and answering messages in their workday allows them no time to interact with patients who desire guidance on their lifestyle and engagement with today's technologies.

So we have great tools for patients for empowerment, change, interaction but very little guidance from the health profession to interface this with prevention and/or management of health conditions. Patients are doing most of these things outside of their physician.

Enter integrative medicine. Healthcare providers who have been through the conventional training to understand disease management of conditions when it's needed, but who truly understand how lifestyle impacts health or lack thereof. There is no better captain for the healthcare team than the provider whose seen the light and dedicated their practice toward optimal health.

Integrative providers taking a central role in our society's health is essential. Traditionally, their healthcare is based on spending time listening to patients and educating them. Largely done in one-on-one visits, the scalability of such a model will not allow this message to get very far. It's going to take technology and team members to branch out and reach more folks.

Integrative Medicine 2.0 is what I call it. It's the high-tech, high-touch approach that empowers the patients, keeps the cost low by utilizing technology and promoting true prevention. It represents the movement that will improve health on a larger scale. To change medicine for good. What technology tools can support and sustain this movement?

I have taken the principles of Integrative Medicine from its father, Dr. Weil and applied the technology that supersizes each one to reach more patients, for the good of us all.