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What factors to remember while creating product filters?

Product filters are one of the key elements in navigating an eCommerce website. The right design allows for a more efficient presentation of the product range, even in small shops. In addition, the sorting option allows customers to see the best deals that can drive them to buy, which has a positive impact on the conversion path. However, to achieve this, it is worth focusing on several aspects:

Correct layout

Ecommerce sorting filters for Shopify should be placed in a visible location so that users can find them easily and intuitively after entering the site.

The unavailable product filter is not required and does not provide the expected results. Filters are usually placed at the top left at the bottom.


The option to easily add or remove selected filters is another useful element of UX for e-commerce. One-click is enough to deploy or remove a filter without changing its position on the site. The design should clearly indicate which filter is currently active, and the user should not have to wait long for the selected product to appear. Checklists, bold or custom sections with selected filters are ideal solutions for easier site navigation.

Multiple choice

The user should be able to select multiple filters in one section. This product screening option is often found in online clothing stores where choosing the right color is not just one piece. Therefore, after selecting the right product filter, customers can get different color versions of a product.