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Major Advantages Of Electric Utility Vehicles In Canada

Electric vehicle (EV), which was once a general term to refer to all vehicles that run on electricity, is now usually reserved for cars only. In this article, we introduce how electric cars work and how they compare to traditional gas and hybrid (HV) cars.

Conventional cars are equipped with engines that use energy generated from burning fossil fuels. Electric cars like twin passenger PSV replace gas and motors with electricity and motors.

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Advantages of electric cars

Electric cars offer many advantages. Let's look at it from the user's point of view.

1) Lower fuel costs

As mentioned earlier, electric cars use electricity instead of gasoline. Electricity is now cheaper than gasoline, and refueling at night can save consumers even more. For example, if you drive 1,000 km a month, an electric car can save you about 7,000 yen compared to a petrol car.

2) Many tax rebates and subsidies are available

Car ownership usually comes with 3 different taxes: vehicle acquisition tax, vehicle weight tax, and vehicle tax, but in the case of electric cars, tax incentives are offered in the form of a reduction in environmental taxes and exemptions for green cars. There is also a significant subsidy system. 

3) Good for the environment

The electric car is one of the next generations of environmentally friendly cars, which is characterized by low environmental impact. Since no exhaust gases containing carbon dioxide or air pollutants are emitted, they are intended to help prevent global warming.