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How To Celebrate Oktoberfest?

You may have heard of this fall holiday is often associated with beer as it marks the beginning of autumn brewing in the beer industry. Oktoberfest is a German festival that celebrates Bavarian culture, and although it is now celebrated worldwide, many of us will be celebrating it at home this year.

Oktoberfest varies depending on the date, but usually starts in mid-September and takes place in early October. It usually lasts 16 days, with the last day being the first Sunday in October. You can also get the best information about the Oktoberfest-themed entertainment through

What beer is served at Oktoberfest?

Traditionally, every beer served at Oktoberfest had to come from one of six breweries in Munich-Paulaner. Beer must also meet the very strict quality and brewing standards of the Law of Purity.

While it would be great to bring some traditional and authentic German camps with you, we think you'll enjoy cooking your own! It will also be cheaper than taking a barrel overseas for your celebration, and you can customize your Oktoberfest experience with your lime.

Serving your beer can completely change your Oktoberfest experience. If there's something you're going to do for your vacation, we highly recommend you do it! 

Get a high-quality keg to pour your beer into, because there's nothing quite like draft beer. To enjoy this smooth and authentic Bavarian flavor, you'll also have to serve like you would at Oktoberfest.