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Create multiple Online calendars

This online tool gives you the ability to create as many calendars as you need for various organizational activities. In addition to creating a basic calendar, you can set up more than one sub-calendar to categorize your academic events and courses.

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Easily transfer information

You can easily move event or course information from one calendar to another. For example, you can copy all your fundraising details from a sub-calendar to the main calendar if needed.

Use the configuration tool

With the cloud-based calendar module, you can easily create color formats to give your company website a look and feel. You can also use this configuration tool to add headers and menus to your online calendar.

Add photos and videos to your calendar

You can add photos of past events and courses, videos, instructor comments, related information, and similar course materials (slides for printed presentations, etc.) for easy viewing by logged-in users.

Easily categorize public and private events

The online calendar allows you to easily divide events and courses into public and private. With this tool, you can easily mark events as public so everyone can see the details instead of seeing them privately for limited viewing.

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