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Choosing The Best Swimming Pool Cover In Florida

Swimming pool covers can do both; they keep your pool clean and free from debris, leaves and they also retain heat. Pools use a lot of energy so it is essential to monitor your pool cover usage if you want to reduce your electric bill. 

A retractable swimming pool cover can help you be more responsible and save money. There are many ways that swimming pools lose heat, but the biggest cause is evaporation. The process of water vaporizing is the most energy-intensive.


It takes 1 BTU to heat water one degree. However, if you heat water at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you will lose 1,048 BTUs. By reducing the rate of water evaporation, pool covers can help you save both water and energy. 

You can reduce the energy needed to maintain a cool temperature that is swim-friendly by covering it when not in use. Proper pool cover usage can save you up to 50% on your heating bills.

There are many styles and options for pool covers. However, you can choose a thick, heavy-duty plastic sheet if your budget is tight. This is not the best choice as it can be difficult to install, remove and store. 

While it might be an option in a pinch, it is not the best for long-term use. A pool cover can be purchased online from almost any store, or even your local pool maintenance professional.

The Four Main Advantages of Installing An Automatic Pool Cover

Thanks to advances in technology, there are a wide variety of automatic pool closers to invest in today. One of their charms is that they can be installed in almost any type of swimming pool, regardless of size or design.

To get the maximum benefit of automatic pool covers, they must be installed by a professional who has the legal accreditation, skills, and experience required. Here are some of the top benefits and reasons homeowners should invest in this accessory.

The Four Main Advantages of Installing An Automatic Pool Cover


While it is important not to underestimate or neglect the need to supervise children swimming or playing in the area, the availability of additional protection between the swimming area and loved ones provides security to homeowners when they perform daily tasks while working or performing at home.


This is one of the main reasons one should invest in auto pool closers. Installation is less likely to refill water, even if the owner is on vacation or a business trip. As a result, a person has enough time to enjoy swimming, because there is no need to wait and clean it more than necessary.


Close saves money and energy in the long run. Some even have the option to reduce heat loss by up to 70%. They also reduce filter and pump power consumption. This is because water remains clean for a long time.

Maintain water quality

Water contamination by insects, dirt, and other pollutants can harm not only humans but for pets as well. For example, water that is contaminated with chemicals can cause skin irritation and other health complications if swallowed.