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Simple Ways to Maximize Shungite for Healing

From protecting yourself from EMF to balancing your mental and emotional states to purifying your water, we are here to share the benefits of shungite and how you can use it every day to purify your sacred self.

Purify your water: use shungite to purify your water. Rinse the shungite stone with warm, soap-free water and add 100 grams per 1 liter of water. Soak for 24-72 hours. You can also browse online to get information about shungite stones & bottles for sale.

It is scientifically proven that shungite can purify water within 24 to 72 hours. Shungite can clean bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides and pharmaceuticals from water.

Block EMF’s: Purchase a piece of shungite specially made for your phone case to help protect your sleep. Exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields can disrupt our natural electromagnetic system in our own bodies.

Add it to your jewelry box: Wearing beads or shungite jewelry is a great way to incorporate shungite into your daily lifestyle. They look great as bracelets and are easy to throw in the morning to keep you safe all day long.

Clean your cup with coffee or tea: Similar to water cleaning, you can add dirt chips to the water you make when making tea or coffee. It purifies your water and gives you a crystal miracle boost in your morning cup of coffee.

Shungite is an extraordinary ancient mineral that has been scientifically proven to provide miraculous services to others. When you have a few pieces of shungite and are wondering where to start, add them to your next water or vase.